Being charged with a criminal offense can be terrifying and utterly confusing. In the moment of an arrest many disparate actions occur, and many of your rights are on the line. You may question whether or not you are a good person, you may believe that you were in the right, or you may have the feeling that your Constitutional Rights were violated. In any event, the charges that are brought against you can have lasting and devastating effects on your life, your liberty, your job, and your future.Understanding what to do in these sensitive situations can be confusing. Worse, taking the wrong action can lead you into further trouble.

Whether you have been charged or are currently under investigation, or believe that you will be, you should have competent and effective legal representation. At any stage of the criminal defense process the worst advice would be for the defendant or possible defendant to talk to law enforcement without an attorney present. Law enforcement is under no obligation past the Miranda warning to give you notice of your right to an attorney. Talking to law enforcement without an attorney can turn a winnable case into disaster.

My Office has worked in several different counties in this great State and has represented hundreds of defendants in both felony and misdemeanor matters. Attorney Brian C. Arthur will be with you from the start to finish, ensuring your outcome protects your rights and gets you the piece of mind you need. If you have been charged with a crime, do not risk your future. Contact us today!

If you have any reason to believe you are involved in a criminal case, you should seek legal advice immediately. We recommend that you contact our office and receive a free phone consultation in regards to your current or pending criminal matter.

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