Expunctions in North Carolina are a time consuming and sometimes invariably difficult process. Unfortunately, for many North Carolinians they are unaware of the implications and the damage that a criminal charge can have on their lives. Having criminal arrest records, charges or convictions on your record can negatively affect you in many different ways. A criminal record check that exposes a long forgotten charge may impede you from getting that new position, a recent charge may keep you from attending a college or university, cause you to get denied for a loan, or perhaps keep you out of your next apartment or house.

If you have ever been charged with a criminal offense that offense will stay on your record. Regardless of the disposition of the case, a record check will show that you were charged with a crime. So even if you had received a dismissal, you could still be hindered by the fact that you now have a record.

There are several laws regarding the expunction of criminal records in North Carolina and the attorneys at the Law Office of Brian C. Arthur have handled many expunctions throughout the state for our clients. There are a variety of reasons that a charge might appear on your record, however, if you give us a call today, we will gladly discuss your options and candidly talk to you about the best course of action to take.

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