Small business owners typically want the protections of a larger corporation. They want the security that if they are sued that their personal assets are not exposed to litigation. While not every situation can be guarded, many small business owners seek the protections afforded from Professional Associations or Professional Companies, or an LLC. Yet, the formation of the company is only part of the equation. The Operating Agreements or the Articles of Incorporation will determine the structure your business, layout the respective members/officers, and other operating parameters of the business. The Law Office of Brian C. Arthur will walk you through the steps to complete this process effectively and easily, while giving you the certainty that you need.

Once the business is created and is up and running, many small business owners find that they still need help with a variety of legal and business issues. Whether big or small, the Law Office of Brian C. Arthur is there to help with: Contracts and Transactions, Litigation, Lease Agreements, Compliance with State and Local Laws, and Internal Business Disputes.

While these can seem challenging initially, getting the right advice early will help resolve many of the challenges facing small business owners. Get the right advice, get the advice of the Law Office of Brian C. Arthur.

For more information about starting or maintaining a small business in the State of North Carolina, contact the Law Office of Brian C. Arthur today! 910-343-0888 or by email.

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