In the last few years, the Law Office of Brian C. Arthur has helped many buy or sell a business or interests in a company. This is done through practical steps meant assure all parties that purchase or sell of a company has been thoroughly vetted and protections are in place for both the buyer and seller.

When advocating for the Buyer, we offer a comprehensive approach that determines what our client’s interests are, then negotiates with other party to effect those interests. The Law Office of Brian C. Arthur will exercise due diligence in determining the viability of a transaction looking closely at the financial performance of a company and that company’s standing in the community. While it is unlawful to intentionally or negligently misrepresent a business, the buyer has a duty to ask questions and a duty to get the answers BEFORE entering in the transaction.

On the other side, the due diligence aspects for a seller are to provide the pertinent information necessary to Buyer in order to make an informed decision about the purchase. However, the Seller will usually want to make as few promises about the numbers or outstanding contracts as possible. No Seller wants to remain on the hook for liabilities after they have sold their company. Avoiding certain representations and warranties are usually difficult, but through negotiation of the finer points can lead to advantageous outcomes and fewer future liabilities.

If you are looking to buy or sell your business in the State of North Carolina, give the Law Office of Brian C. Arthur a call at 910-343-0888.

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