In the State of North Carolina business entities are regulated by the North Carolina General Statutes, which denote the specific types of legal business entities that can be created. Whether you are looking to create a limited liability company (LLC), Professional Association (P.A.), or a standard C-Corporation, the General Statutes set out the laws that govern both the creation and the regulation of these entities. Choosing the right business entity for your needs is the first step.

There are many pros and cons to creating and maintaining a particular business entity, and many go far beyond taxation. Those looking to create a business entity in North Carolina have to worry about the liabilities of the company (e.g. the rents on property, the debts associated with equipment and supplies, insurance, contracts with 3rd parties and etc.). However, many do not associate business entities with having internal conflicts that become or can become liabilities –the disputes between partners or LLC members or shareholder suits – that give rise to substantial losses time and money through protracted business litigation.

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